Dirt and Stains Are No Match for Clean & Easy Janitorial Service

Dirt and Stains Are No Match for Clean & Easy Janitorial Service

Rely on us for quality carpet shampooing in Carlsbad, CA

In commercial buildings, carpets must handle a lot of traffic, and as a result they attract dirt and stains. Customers don’t want to walk into a building with carpets that look worn and dingy.

Maintain pristine carpets with Clean & Easy Janitorial Service in Carlsbad, CA. Our carpet shampooing services will remove any dirt, spills or stains that are plaguing your carpets. Call now for your free quote!

3 ways our carpet shampooing services are superior

All our cleaning services put quality first, and our carpet shampooing service is no exception. Here are a few ways that we go above and beyond for you:

  1. We’ll clean your carpets every six months: We recommend carpet shampooing on a quarterly basis to make sure your carpets stay clean.
  2. There are no hidden charges: We use super-heated water and pretreatment solutions on heavy stains, which is always included in the price.
  3. We offer a service discount: If you’re already using our janitorial services, you’ll get a reduced price on our carpet shampooing services.

Contact us today to schedule your carpet shampooing services.